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STL Leaders Podcast Hosted by Bryan Buesking-Episode #83 "What Makes You a Leader?

New year, new leaf! The beginning of 2022 was sumptuously marked with the recording of Bryan Buesking's STL Leaders Podcast. It was the first podcast interview since the publication of Ready for Anything: The Making of a Change Leader in late 2021. It was a true honor to speak on a topic that keeps circling round, since the pandemic and the challenging operating climate we haven't had the liberty of getting accustomed to - How to lead in turbulent times.

Admittedly slow off the mark to jump on the wagon of sharing content in differing formats ( I do teach online both asynchronously and synchronously though) , my reluctance came from ignorance of the actual experience. I love to read above other modes of information gathering and would always chose reading first, as I feel it allows space to think and process at the same time, taking in my mind, less capacity to process whilst stilling my mind at the same time. But being part of the podcast process and participating in Bryan's podcast was truly remarkable and eye opening. I've changed.

That first hand, one go at it, thinking on your feet way to really, really express exactly what you mean with the aim to reach and inspire others - is truthfully exhilarating

STL Leaders, is a platform to give St. Louis leaders a platform and a voice to share stories and experiences. Being now part of the community of leaders also committed to change created a strong metaphor in my mind. It started playing with the idea and knowledge of the possible reach of a digital conversation but one that was firmly rooted in our community of engaged leaders, each stretching to do more. Being selected and included in this community made a long overdue assessment of my own impact. I had thought I was under the radar as an ex-pat in the quiet Midwest! Speaking in the podcast format allowed a reframe, breaking free and unleashing the power that together we can do more, be more local and beyond! First hand activation of an inclusion mindset and how that aligned strategy and postime change within and out.

As you will see (or hear actually) from the episode below are the great questions that Bryan composed to really build a picture of how I got here. Right here at the cross roads of leadership and change. Some conventional and some less conventional questions, but all answered honestly, right there and then. sharing. I don't get to do that often enough. Thanks again Bryan. Click here for new episodes of the STL Leader's podcasts.

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