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Emerging Leader & Executive
Leader Coaching

Michela-Henke-Cilenti holding her book Ready for Anything:  the making of a change leader

The leap from manager to leader has become less obvious and harder to navigate.


Operating environments have become more difficult and complex.


Quadruple your impact by thinking differently about YOUR value and experience and the leader you would like to become

I Can Help

With 100%  focus on YOU and YOUR leadership development, I get unprecedented results  


How? Using logically structured yet highly personalized informal coaching for those who aspire to be more impactful and intentional in their inspiring and persuading of others  

Are parts of managing & leading tripping you up?  

Change keeps coming and you're left feeling stuck

Do you feel overwhelmed by the need to change? 

Are your stakeholders commonly struggling to find and commit to a common ground?

Are you frustrated and stalled by constant team resistance? 

Are you unsure as how to coach and confront the team? 

Is the change leader in you uninspired and not ready for (nearly) anything?

How do we build alliances with others who are living out positive values in the organization in a constructive way?

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